Sole Traders, Partnerships & Individuals

Being a sole trader or partner means that you are not obliged to prepare formal accounts each year, however, up-to-date financial records must still be kept in order to analysis your income and expenditure for your accounting period.  This information must then be included on your Tax Return to HMRC annually.

Depending on the nature of your business and the aspirations you may have, you may feel that having a formal set of accounts prepared each year will help you make the right decisions for your business and allow you to demonstrate how your business is performing to external parties such as your bank manager.

A&R Accountants operate a computerised service using the latest accountancy software to prepare your accounts.  Whether you maintain your own bookkeeping records or have assigned us to provide that service for you already, we would be happy to prepare your accounts for you.

Sole Traders and Partnerships package includes:

  • Set of sole trader annual accounts
  • Fully completed self-assessment return including supplementary pages
  • Calculation of your tax position and suggestions on how to reduce your tax bill
  • Filing of tax return with HMRC
  • Helpline/Email support to assist with basic queries


We can also help if you need to complete tax returns from previous years and offer discounts if you have more than one year to complete.

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